Looking for budget TWS earbuds? Digital Walker’s Joyroom earbuds are worth a look

Who says you need to spend big bucks to get TWS earbuds?

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Ever since Apple release the AirPods, true wireless stereo (TWS) earbuds became all the rage, and it’s not exactly surprising given how convenient having one is. Not only is a TWS pair of earbuds more portable, it’s also more hassle-free to use given the lack of any wire.

The only problem with the TWS buds are their price — most true wireless buds are expensive, with prices going up to nearly PHP 10k. Thankfully, there are TWS buds that won’t break the bank, including Digital Walker and Joyroom’s offerings.

Digital Walker recently collaborated with Joyroom to offer the JR-TS04S, a pair of TWS buds that are available exclusively in Digital Walker stores. Alongside this, Digital Walker is also offering the JR-TL1, another pair of portable earbuds. Both earbuds are stylish and portable, all while having price tags of less than PHP 2000!



First up, let’s look at the JR-TS04S, TWS earbuds with a design that looks fairly similar to Apple’s AirPods. Unlike the Apple buds, the JR-TS04S comes in a matte black colorway, meaning it’s more subtle, not to mention easier to grip.

Taking at closer look at the earbuds, their designs are fairly unique, with the stem having a slight curve. Thanks to the design, the JR-TS04S buds are comfortable to use, even in long listening sessions.

For sound quality, the JR-TS04S’s 13mm drivers makes for pretty nice sound quality that works well for most genres. The buds’ microphone is also clear for calls, plus the battery should last for a few days of use (with the charging case) thanks to the 500mAh battery capacity.

As a bonus, the Digital Walker x Joyroom buds also come with a silicone case, both for extra protection and grip.

Though the best part about the JR-TS04S is its price tag. This pair of TWS buds is priced at only PHP 1,690, a great deal given its feature list.



Need something that can take a bit more abuse? The Joyroom JR-TL1 might be a better fit for you. This earbuds’ highlight is that it is IPX7 waterproof, meaning you can bring this even in a heavy downpour. The IPX7 rating also means that you can drop the earbuds in water up to 1 meter and it will still work!

As for the earbuds’ design, the JR-TL1 is an IEM, meaning it’ll isolate outside noise better. Even with the eartips, the JR-TL1 is a comfortable pair of buds to use even in long listening sessions thanks to its ergonomic design.

When it comes to battery life, the JR-TL1 should also be good for most users, with Joyroom promising 6 hours of playtime. Finally, the JR-TL1 has a nifty lanyard, meaning you can carry it in your bag, keychain, or even your phone.

Much like the previous Joyroom buds, the JR-TL1 is another great budget option. Even with all its features (especially the impressive IPX7 waterproof rating), the JR-TL1 is priced at only PHP 1,990!

And there you have it, two TWS buds that won’t break the bank. Want to get one of your own? Head on over to Digital Walker stores nationwide, or check out Digital Walker’s official Lazada and/or Shopee pages.