The Naruto: Slugfest Open Beta is available now on Android and iOS in the Philippines

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ONE Store Beta Now Available

Following the game’s announcement back in December, Cubinet Interactive has just announced that the Naruto: Slugfest Open Beta Test is now live in the Philippines! The game’s open beta can now be downloaded on Android and iOS devices via the Google Play Store and the App Store respectively.

Aside from the Philippines, the game is also available now in Indonesia, Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar, Brunei, Timor-Leste and other selected regions. The game will also soon release in countries such as Vietnam, Russia, Turkey, and more.

Not familiar with the game? Naruto: Slugfest is a new mobile game based on the ever-popular Naruto Shippuden series. The game is a 3D action MMORPG that features an open-world complete with day & night alteration and weather effects. As for the game’s story, Slugfest will adapt the storyline of Naruto: Shippuden, but players will instead control their own character instead of playing as Naruto.

In the game, players will be able to select one of four unique classes for their character. The classes include:

  • Earth Keeper – Melee class that is equipped with High Defense attributes. Specializes in Earth Style technique that deals massive AOE damages to enemies. ​
  • Blazing Lotus – Range type that specializes in Fire Style techniques. Aside from dealing massive damage to enemies, her abilities allow her to support allies. ​​
  • Thunder Assassin – A medium-range class that can use both Water Style and Lightning Style techniques. This grants her high mobility or stealth, depending on her play style. ​​
  • Wind Shooter – A long range type that specializes in using Wind Style techniques. This allows him to deal massive damage from afar while maintaining safe distance between him and the enemies. ​​

Want to try Naruto: Slugfest? Download the game now via the following link:

For more info on the game, visit the official Naruto: Slugfest pages: