The Prince of Persia invades ‘For Honor’ in a new limited-time event

The For Honor - Blades of Persia event is now live!

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Ubisoft has recently announced Blades of Persia, a new Prince of Persia-themed event in For Honor. This limited-time event brings a new game mode, a new quest for Arcade Mode, and various Prince of Persia-inspired in-game items.

The highlight of Blades of Persia is the limited-time game mode, Ruler of Time, In this mode, heroes must fight and defeat the Prince of Persia and his sand creatures in a variation of the Harbor Dominion map. While battling sand creatures, the Prince of Persia will periodically emerge and fight against heroes with his legendary Dagger of Time.

Aside from this special game-mode, the Blades of Persia event will give players access to 30 tiers of Prince of Persia–inspired gear and loot. In the free tiers, players will also be able to get a new Battle Outfit, Sand Mood Effect, Emblem Outline and 26 new Ornaments, as well as Salvage, Steel and Crates along the way.

Meanwhile, here are the rest of the available in-game items:

  • 26 new weapons are lootable on the battlefield.
  • Two illustrious outfits, Ratash and Sandwraith, are available via the in-game store for 20,000 Steel.
  • The Prince’s own execution is available for purchase via the in-game store for 10,000 Steel.

The first phase of the Blades of Persia event is up now, with the second phase happening on March 19. Details on the second week’s game mode will be unveiled soon. As for the whole event, Blades of Persia is live now in For Honor until April 2, 2020.

For Honor is available now on PS4, Xbox One, and PC.