ASUS announces new range of multi-core routers

Because having good WiFi is key while under quarantine.

Since the middle of March, everyone has been advised to stay at home whenever possible to help curb the spread of COVID-19. This means a lot of workers have resorted to working from home, necessitating a fast and reliable internet connection; though a reliable router can also make a big difference. After all, an old router may be prone to connection drops, or it may not be enough to handle having multiple devices connected that eat up bandwidth (especially for households with multiple internet users).

If your router is no longer up to the task, ASUS recently announced its new multi-core router lineup. Thanks to the multi-core CPUs equipped in these routers, they’ll be able to support more simultaneously connected devices, as well as having support for more advanced tasks.

For more entry-level users, the RT-AC1300UHP, RT-AC59U, and the RT-AC68U¬†are good options. These three routers are good for smaller spaces such as apartments/condo units, and they’re great matches for 4K video streaming and other bandwidth-heavy tasks.

Meanwhile, the RT-AX88U is a router designed for two-floor households. This router can accommodate Gigabit internet speeds with ease, and it’ll handle lots of devices being connected to it without any network degradation. Plus, the RT-AX88U is also the world’s first WiFI 6 router, perfect if you have a smartphone/laptop with WiFi 6 support.

Finally, the new ASUS router lineup has three models for gamers, the ROG Rapture GT-AC5300, GT-AC2900, GT-AX11000. All three routers not only have high-speed, low latency wireless connection, they also feature designs that are sure to match your gaming rig.

The multi-core router lineup are available in ASUS partner retailers at the following SRPs:

RT-AC1300UHPPHP 5,075.00
RT-AC59UPHP 4,300.00
RT-AC68UPHP 6,990.00
GT-AC2900PHP 12,000.00
GT-AC5300PHP 21,250.00
RT-AX88UPHP 20,690.00
GT-AX11000PHP 26,700.00