Ayala Museum is giving away ‘Animal Crossing’ outfit codes based on traditional Filipino textiles

Now that's an awesome gesture!

With everyone being encouraged to stay at home if they can due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, a lot of gamers have resorted to playing Animal Crossing: New Horizons to both help themselves relax, as well as to connect with fellow gamers in the time of social distancing. One way that players can interact in Animal Crossing is that players are encouraged to share their unique in-game artworks, as well as outfits.

Speaking of outfits, the Ayala Museum recently made their own outfit codes for everyone to enjoy. These outfits aren’t just simple designs though as they’re based on various Filipino textiles!


Among the outfits that the Ayala Museum has created is the Bagobo Warrior set, which is based on the traditional outfit that the most elite Bagobo Warriors wear. Another one is the Yakan shirt, this time based on the inalaman —  a skirt worn by Yakan women (of Basilan and Zamboanga).

Aside from these, Ayala Museum also showcased a shirt and skirt combo worn by Bugkalot women that can be made by players in-game. Finally, the Maguindanaoan inaul was shown, which players can also make on their own via the in-game custom design creator.

Sharing these Filipino textile-inspired Animal Crossing outfits is definitely a great gesture. With this, Pinoy Animal Crossing players will not only enjoy more new outfits, they’ll also learn more bout our rich cultural heritage!

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