Free Fire Wonderland is live now — the game’s biggest reward event of the year

The event brings a new game mode, rare costume bundles, and a chance to win diamonds!

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In case you missed it, the Free Fire Wonderland Event is now live! Well, the event actually went live back in April 8, but it runs until April 26; so you still have time to get the new character, rare costume bundles, and a chance to win diamonds.

If you were lucky enough to log-in yesterday, April 19, you would’ve received the following:

  • Gift #1: Survivors that log into Free Fire on Wonderland Peak Day can choose a character freely from the pools and instantly level them up through the use of a free Character Card Lvl. 6.
  • Gift #2: Cube Fragments are guaranteed to drop after every match on Wonderland Peak Day. Survivors can earn up to 50 Fragments per game which can be redeemed for rare costume bundles via the Magic Cube exchange.
  • Gift #3: Calling back friends to Free Fire will give Survivors a chance to win 19,999 diamonds on Wonderland Peak Day.

Missed out on the freebies above? Don’t worry as the new Free Fire event still brings a lot of new content your way, including the brand-new game mode, Kill Secured. In this 4v4 mode, players have to pick up dog tags of their opponent, though the only way to get them is to defeat them. Additional points are rewarded for each consecutive tag picked up, and you can also prevent enemies from earning points by picking up a fallen teammates’ tag.

That’s not all there is to the new Free Fire Wonderland Event as Garena promises that there’s even more coming your way soon.

In case you haven’t yet, you can download the game now via the following links:

Apple iOS App Store:

Google Play Store: