Just Dance Unlimited is free for one month for all Just Dance 2020 players

Part of Ubisoft's initiative to keep players active while at home!

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With everyone encouraged to stay at home if they can, it’s tempting to just become a couch potato at home. While just lounging around can be relaxing, it’s not exactly healthy. To get gamers moving even while at home, Ubisoft announced a series of initiatives for Just Dance 2020.

Firstly, all Just Dance 2020 owners (on any platform) will receive one free month of Just Dance Unlimited. This means Just Dance 2020 players will be able to enjoy access to over 500 songs via the Unlimited servce. Players who are already subscribed to Just Dance Unlimited will get this free month added on top of their subscription (available only on the Xbox One and Switch versions of Just Dance 2020).

Aside from giving players free one-month access to Unlimited, Ubisoft is also giving even those who don’t own a copy of the game a chance to dance and keep active. Players who don’t have Just Dance 2020 will be able to access a host of playlists at the official Just Dance YouTube page. While these playlists won’t let you play the game per se, they’re still pretty nifty as dance/exercise guides!

Finally, Just Dance Now is also available on the iOS App Store or Google Play, and it’s an app that lets players use their smartphone as a Just Dance controller while playing the game on any Internet-connected screen (such as a laptop or a tablet).

Just Dance 2020 is available now on PS4, Xbox One, Switch, and the Wii.