Realme continues to be one of the best-selling smartphone brands worldwide

An impressive feat considering the current market slowdown.

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While the 2020 smartphone market is experiencing a slowdown due to the ongoing pandemic, realme continues to be one of the best-selling brand worldwide. Based on theĀ February Monthly Market Pulse of Counterpoint Research, realme has retained the the 7th spot in the global smartphone industry with a 2.7% market share.

Regarding this milestone, realme representatives have stated that the brand is “grateful for the continued support of its customers and fan base to its disruptive, high-tier smartphones and wearables.”

While it’s quite a surprise to see that realme has continued to record strong sales in spite of the pandemic, it also makes sense if you think about it. Due to the pandemic, everyone is encouraged to stay at home, meaning a lot of people now rely on devices such as smartphones to keep in contact not only for work, but also for family and friends. This pandemic shows how technology can help in a crisis.

Given the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and the current situation in the Philippines, realme has recently announced that it is extending the warranty of and gadget replacement period for its products that are affected by the quarantine:

Realme Philippines extends device warranty period nationwide