This Miso Soup Brand’s Anime Commercial is giving us all the feels!

Will warm you up even on the coldest of nights!

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Anyone who has ever been to Japan knows that anime is as pervasive and predominant as  vending machines in every street corner. It’s not just in heavy concentration of geekdom too (like, say Akihabara) — we’re talking about commercial posters on subways, train networks, and even on prime-time TV.

So, it didn’t surprise us when we saw a couple of anime commercials about MISO SOUP floating around online. But because of the current situation of being lockdown, this particular ad from Marukome is giving us all the right feels – both of being sentimental, longing, and comfort of familiarity.

The ads seem to stretch back until 2014, with the most recent one about an old couple taking care of each other. The ad series tackles a lot of subjects, ranging from single mother’s trying to make it work, mother and sons, father and daughters, overcoming cultural barriers, and exceeding personal expectations, Marukome seems to touch on a lot of these emotions to truly give us the fuzzy-wuzzies.

At the crux of all of these is Marukome’s Miso soup (and soup variants) that warms the heart as well as the stomach. It’s clear what they want to do and while we’re all feeling, well, feelings, the ad also made us want to look for the nearest online grocery and see if they carry any of the easy-to-prepare soup stock concentrates.

So far, we only saw Landers offer the brand, but they’re currently out of stock. ☹ That being said, it’s still a great ad to watch, especially as it gave us our Japan travel fix, even if it’s 90 seconds at a time.

Let us know your favorite Marukome ad from the playlist above!