Following last year’s UTGP 2019 Pokemon collection, Uniqlo has announced that another Pokemon UT graphic tee collection will release this year. This time though, instead of featuring designs made by people from all over the world, the upcoming collection will be made in collaboration with artist Daniel Arsham.

Right now, we have no word yet on when the collection will release or what the prints will be, but we do know that the collection will be released in the Philippines soon as the collab was officially announced on the Uniqlo Philippines Facebook page:

As the first fine artist to be granted access to the Pokémon archive, Daniel Arsham’s intention with the project was to…

Posted by Uniqlo Philippines on Monday, April 13, 2020

While nearly everyone is familiar with Pokemon, not a lot of people may know Daniel Arsham. If you’re not familiar, Daniel Arsham is a contemporary artist that “straddles the line between art, architecture, and performance.” Arsham’s work is varied, though a lot of his pieces are made with the concept of “fictional archeology” in mind.

Basically, a lot of his popular work include contemporary objects that are re-imagined and made with materials such as sand or volcanic ash. The aim is to present these objects as if they were unearthed in the future after being buried for centuries.

Arsham is not only popular for his art pieces, but also for his fashion collaborations. Arsham has collaborated with the likes of Adidas, Dior, and many other fashion brands.

Source: Gallery Perrotin


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