XCOM: Chimera Squad is out now on Steam with a special introductory price

The game is available now for only PHP 375!

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With the enhanced community quarantine in various regions of the Philippines extended to May 15, a lot of you are probably looking for games to play to pass the added two weeks of time at home. If you are, 2K has just released the the turn-based tactics game, XCOM: Chimera Squad on Steam. Best part is, the game is currently available with a hefty discount!

Released just yesterday, XCOM: Chimera Squad is available on Steam right now for only PHP 375! That’s 50% off its regular price of PHP 750. If you’re thinking of getting the game, you better decide fast as the 50% discount is only available until the end of April.

Not familiar with XCOM: Chimera Squad? This turn-based tactics game is the latest in the XCOM series, and it’s set after the events of XCOM 2, though it’s a fully standalone title.

The game is described by 2K as:

XCOM: Chimera Squad takes place five years after the events of the previous XCOM games, where humanity has successfully overthrown the Elder’s control of earth. With ADVENT gone and the invaders free of the Elder’s mind control, humans, aliens and hybrids must now find a way to move on from the conflict and forge a new civilization of cooperation and co-existence. City 31 is a model for that potential path forward, but the fragile peace threatens to shatter from the machinations of underground factions.”

Interested in Chimera Squad? Get the latest XCOM game now on Steam.