Biped Review | Teamwork is Everything

A fun little co-op game!

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Recently, I was given the chance to play through  this new multiplayer/co-op game called Biped. So, what is it? Biped is a co-op action adventure game with a strong focus on moment-to-moment collaboration between 2 players. For me, this game came out of nowhere, and it actually became one of the most satisfying games I’ve played in temrs of bonding with your partner, friend, or sibling.

While there is a game mode where you can go solo, two players are required to fully enjoy the game in my opinion. Biped follows two robots as they land on Earth, with the robots being tasked to open the Beacons in various places. Each stage of the game has varying levels of difficulty, meaning cooperation with your partner is a must as you can easily die if you don’t cooperate. There is a requirement that you must not split within 16 meters within the game or else, you will both be warped beside one another without warning. Working together is the key to succeed in this game and as the game progress, each level gets more difficult, with each sub-level becoming more and more complicated.

Aside from the fact that cooperation is a-must, movement in the game is also quite a challenge in itself. Each leg is controlled by the left and right analog stick respectively; basically, to move your robot of choice (you can either be the Circle or the Square robot), you have to move both analog stick as you would the character’s legs.

Moving both legs at the same time can make your robot glide throughout the stage, however there are parts on the stage where you need to walk, meaning you need to move both legs one at a time. It’s like teaching a baby how to walk for the first time. These movement mechanics take some time of getting used to, and learning them is important if you want to progress through the game.

There are also puzzles which can only be done by one of the two robots, these puzzles correspond to each robot’s color (with the Circle Robot being Red and the Square Robot being Blue). For instance, there are also some puzzles where you need to step on a specific shape for your partner to proceed to the next block. It’s not like other co-op games where one character can “carry” the other to solve various puzzles. You and your co-op buddy must both solve puzzles together to proceed.

While there are some puzzles that are quite complicated that you may know how to proceed, the game does help you out. If you’re stuck on a puzzle, you can check the small cute black robot on the side of a level. These small black robots can give you hints on what to do to get through the puzzles ahead. In each puzzle, there’s also a handy save point; in case you fall or die, you immediately get transported to the save point.

I found that figuring out how to solve some puzzles is tricky, even with hints. There are some tricky movements you need to do for you to get proceed through some puzzles, like wiggling your left leg while your right leg is on the platform. Some even require specific leg numbers on the platform for you to proceed. While some may seem simple to solve, once you try them out, they become quite complimcated.

The challenging puzzles in Biped can get quite nerve-racking, but they’re mostly fun, no matter how many times our robots died. There was one puzzle in the game where me and my partner were in a platform, coordinating well so we won’t fall; however, when we were finally about to make it to the end, my robot slipped on one step and died. To be honest, this was irritating at first as it meant we had to go through it again, but it was quite fun still in a way as it definitely made us work together as a team properly.

While I had fun with Biped, I found it to be a bit too short. I expected the game to take much longer and have more levels, though me and my partner quickly finished the gmae. After all, there are only 8 main stages with 16 sub-levels.

There is some replay value in the game, especially if you want to replay levels to see how fast you can finish them or if you can get through a level without dying once. There’s also the fact that finishing each level isn’t the only thing to do, as players can also collect coins and starts that are scattered throughout each of the stages. These coins aren’t just there for show though, you can use them to unlock cosmetics for your robots. But as with most other puzzle-based games, once you know how to get through a level, a second run is no longer as exciting.

I do hope that NEXT Studios can create more fun games such as Biped. Despite the short campaign for this, I’m sure everyone looking for a co-op experience will enjoy playing this game. The game is mainly created for friends/family and it surely works well in that regard, especially now that a lot of people all over the world are looking for some fun ways to spend time with friends/family while under quarantine.


Final Verdict – 7.5/10

I had a very fun time playing Biped, and I suggest everyone looking for a co-op game to try it out as well. Its movement mechanics and puzzles may take some time of getting used to, but they should be fun for all who loves co-op games. While it can cause some irritation with your partner, it’s still worth playing because you are actually forced to work as a team to make it through to the next stage.

The main con with the game is how short it is, as it’s a game that won’t take that long to finish. In spite of how short it is, it’s still worth a try overall. In fact, I hope NEXT Studios can make more games like this!

While I played Biped on the PS4, the game is also available now on Xbox One, Switch, and PC via Steam!