Moving Out Review | A cute and wacky couch co-op game

Love Overcooked? This game might just be for you!

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My first encounter with Moving Out was when I was browsing for some new games to buy at Switch Online. There, I happened to see this game and discovered that it has a Trial Version. While I wasn’t able to check for reviews back then, my siblings told me to get it, so I did and we started playing.

Lo and behold, after some time of trying out the trial version, I got a review code for Moving Out, specifically for the PS4 version of the game. I was very much excited to review the full version of the game, especially as the trial version proved to be quite fun.

So what exactly is Moving Out?  So, the game was created by Death Squared developer SMG Studio, and it’s described as a physics-based moving simulator made with couch co-op in mind. In the game, players take on the role of movers in a moving company, with each round requiring players to carry items form a home to a truck parked outside. Up to four players can play, and they must work together to move a set amount of items as fast as they can, all while avoiding obstacles along the way.

The game is made for up to 4 players, but it is also designed to play on your own if you are so inclined. While solo play is fine, the best way to play Moving Out is with more people, since there are some stages where you need to work as a team to carrying stuff to the truck outside. There are about 50 stages, some of which feature bizarre environments, which you’ll discover as you progress through the game.

In the game’s levels, you’ll be moving some objects to the truck, mainly couches, tables, fridge, boxes, chairs, and other (sometimes unusual) stuff you see in a house or office. Some furniture can be carried alone, but there are some that require 2 people to carry. You can try to carry it on your own, however your character will be having a hard time (showing some sweat and pain in the look of your character).

Cooperation is really needed in some stages of the game. While there is no time limit in the game, you need to move fast if you want a better grade when finishing each level. While you can play the game at your own pace, I found that gunning for the best possible time is lots of fun, if a bit frustrating. When trying to go for gold, rounds of Moving Out can get chaotic, especially when everyone is trying to work together while under time pressure. In these situations, Moving Out is reminiscent of Overcooked, another game published by Team17.

As I mentioned above, Moving Out can be played at a slower pace if preferred, meaning kids can pick up this game. Moving Out is simple enough that they can easily understand what to do after the training stage. What’s fun as well is that you can slap your teammate and it will cause a little shock and he/she won’t move for a few seconds; you can do this if by any chance your teammate got first to the object you want to get out. Adding to the accessibility of the game is an Assist Mode which you can toggle when you please. The assist mode reduces difficulty, and weight of the objects will be lighter; you can even skip some difficult levels.

Moving Out is a great couch co-op game for sure, though it does feel a bit limited. For one, there aren’t much game modes to choose from. Another thing is that multiplayer is limited only to couch co-op; this means Moving Out features no online multiplayer. While the lack of online multiplayer isn’t exactly a surprise (Overcooked doesn’t have it either), it would’ve been a nice option to have.


Final Verdict – 8/10

If you love couch co-op games such as Overcooked, Moving Out is a must-play. Moving out is definitely fun, plus it’s accessible enough that you can play it with your siblings, parents, or significant other, even if they’re not experienced gamers. Even though the game can get on your nerves (especially if you and your team are not on the same page), Moving Out still fun.

What’s also great about Moving Out is that the price of the game is affordable. It’s priced at only USD 25 on the Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, with the PC version priced at PHP 549.95 on Steam in the Philippines. Given its pricepoint, it’s easy to look past some of the issues with the game, including limited game modes and lack of online multiplayer.

Overall, Moving Out is a fun couch co-op game that’s both accessible to everyone while still being fairly challenging. With 50 stages to play, it’s definitely great value considering its price point. Plus, it has pretty good replay value too, especially if you want to get a good grade on the game’s various stages.