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    Naruto: Slugfest announces new patch — The Unseen Enemy

    The update brings a new chapter, an increased level cap, and many more!


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    Cubinet Interactive has recently announce a new patch for Narugo: Slugfest, and it’s entitled ‘The Unseen Enemy‘. This new patch bring a lot of new content into the game, including a new chapter, an increased level cap, new quests, and many more.

    The new chapter introduced in the game is Chapter 7: The Unseeing Enemy, and it follows the battle between Naruto, Pain, and the other Shippuden characters. Meanwhile, the level cap in Slugfest is now 70. The patch also introduces new PVP and PVE features.

    Here are the other highlights of the new Naruto: Slugfest patch:

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    • Avalanche – Your attack and PvP skills will be put to test in a 20 vs 20 Cross server massive objective based PVP / PVE mode in this new game feature.
    • Partner Trial – Get to PvP with Naruto Shippuden Character Partners. Earn points and exchange in Partner Trial Shop to get rewards.
    • Assault Drill – Defend all of your 4 towers from Sunagakure mobs. Each wave will last 2 minutes and you need to defeat them before they destroy your towers. Each wave consists of 21 mobs and it will carry over to the next wave if your clan didn’t kill them immediately.
    • Weapon Fashion – Make your character stand out. Customize your character with these new weapon fashions.
    • UI Updates – This patch also features additional system features, items added, optimization and bug fixes as in line with improving the game experience of players in Naruto: Slugfest.

    Naruto: Slugfest is now available on iOS and Android. Download the game now at

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