Studio Ghibli is now offering virtual tours of the Ghibli Museum for free

Now everyone can enjoy the magic of the Ghibli Museum at the comfort of their homes!

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Did your Japan travel plans get cancelled this year? Well, here’s something that should cheer you up! While the ever-popular Ghibli Museum in Mitaka, Japan is closed right now because of the COVID-19 pandemic, the museum is giving everyone a chance to get a peek at what’s inside via free online tours of the Ghibli Museum!

Interested? The virtual Ghibli Museum tour can be accessed via the official YouTube page of the museum. Every week, a new video is uploaded on the channel, with each video showcasing a different part of museum. While each clip is quite short, they still offer a welcome glimpse inside one of the hottest tourist destinations in Japan!

Currently, there at three videos up on the channel. Watch them all now here:

While we know that a new video comes out every week, there’s no word on how long the virtual tour series will last for. Though we expect that the tours will continue to be updated every week until the Ghibli Museum opens again once the state of emergency in Japan lifts.

The Ghibli Museum is easily one of the most popular destinations in Japan, both for the Japanese themselves and for international tourists. Given the incredible demand and limited space of the museum, tickets are sold well in advance via travel agencies or Lawson Ticket, with no tickets being sold at the museum itself.

In related news, Studio Ghibli recently released a series of free wallpapers for use as backgrounds in video calls:

Studio Ghibli just released free wallpapers for use as video call backgrounds

Source: TimeOut HK