The PH Hearthstone Battlegrounds Team Challenge is happening today

Featuring 16 players from the Hearthstone community!

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Great news, Hearthstone fans; if you’re looking to watch some exciting Hearthstone action, here’s something just for you! AKG Games Philippines is holding the Hearthstone Battlegrounds Team Challenge today at 12 noon, and it’s a mini-tournament featuring 16 players from the Hearthstone Philippines community!

So what is the Hearhstone Battlegrounds Team Challenge? Basically, it’s a mini-tournament featuring 16 players who are divided into four teams. Each team will face off in Hearthstone’s Battlegrounds game mode, with the tournament having four elimination rounds and two final rounds. The winning team will get the lion’s share of the USD 600 prize pool.[0]=AZXLQWpgQzn6sAaqC7FNepz5zyL5K4VUfG6VeQWq57m9y4A0U5v062Rx3DsJBLslBCo2y_Py3TtZ1X3tugnKAe_OxTOjiuL8_0lV2lHJO7jjeYlqdkn9d3WNOeVVGgQLpfaNZnIweGTVCjE7xrkWr4MZj8ha3FVa1PziK4TdIj91yQ&__tn__=%2CO%2CP-R

Here are the players participating in the Battlegrounds Team Challenge, as well as their respective teams:

Team Enli: ExcelsorPH, BatoTV & Felinelure

Team Pompi: AsuraiGaming, Mapo & ManuelXX

Team Switch: DrinJi, MitoyGamingPH & TheBigMac

Team Tart: Paeijwei, PinkPaw & Enrico

Not familiar with Hearthstone Battlegrounds? This Hearthstone game mode features eight players who must face-off in 1v1 rounds; the last player standing at the end wins. Battlegrounds isn’t just a tournament-style game mode though as its mechanics is a major departure from standard Hearthstone matches.

The Hearthstone Battlegrounds Team Challenge goes live today at 12pm. Catch the games live at