Zoom 5.0 update brings enhanced security and improved user experience

The new Zoom update is now live!

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Since countries all over the world enacted quarantine measures to stem the spread of COVID-19, people have resorted to video calls to keep in touch with friends and family, as well as hold work meetings while working from home. And while there are a lot of video call apps, Zoom is no doubt the most popular thanks to being free and easy to use.

Recently, Zoom has received criticism for possible privacy and security flaws. In light of this, Zoom has released the Zoom 5.0 update which brings enhanced security features by adding support for AES 256-bit GCM encryption, as well as improved user experience.

The new Zoom features introduced in the update include:

  • Security icon: Security features are now grouped together via the new icon
  • Robust host controls: Hosts are now able to “Report a User” and disable the ability for participants to rename themselves
  • Waiting Room default-on: Virtual waiting rooms are now the default starting point for education, Basic, and single-license Pro accounts
  • Meeting password complexity and default-on: Meeting passwords is now on by default for most customers
  • Cloud recordings passwords: Passwords are now set by default to all those accessing cloud recordings aside from the meeting host and require a complex password.
  • Secure Account Contact Sharing: Zoom 5.0 will support a new data structure for larger organizations, allowing them to link contacts across multiple accounts
  • Dashboard enhancement: Admins on business, enterprise, and education plans can view how their meetings are connecting to Zoom data centers in their Zoom Dashboard

Zoom is available now for free at the official Zoom website.

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