8 reasons why the Huawei MatePad T is a great device to have during the Qurantine

The MatePad T is a great tablet with an even better price tag!

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While quarantine measures in various cities and regions in the Philippines are being relaxed, this doesn’t mean that we can now freely go outside and have parties. Everyone is still encouraged to stay at home and go out only when needed, this is to help stem the spread of COVID-19. In fact, classes all over the country will shift to online learning methods for the first semester, or even for the whole school year in some institutions.

Staying at home doesn’t mean we can’t have fun or be productive though. With the right device, you can get your office/schoolwork done, as well as keep entertained. One such device is a tablet, and one of the newest and most affordable Android tablets out right now is the new Huawei MatePad T.

Wanna know what’s so great about this new tablet? Here are eight reasons why you should consider the MatePad T as your device of choice during the quarantine:

Elegant and Functional Design

The Huawei MatePad T is a sleek and exquisitely designed tablet, complete with curved edges for a more elegant look, but it’s made not just with looks in mind. This Android tablet has a matte finish along the sides, making it easy to grip, even with one hand. Even with its fairly large 8-inch display, the MatePad T is also lightweight at only 310 grams, meaning you can bring it with you everywhere you go around the house.


Good-looking Display

The design of the MatePad T isn’t the only thing Huawei focused on though as the tablet’s 8-inch display is also of great quality. Aside from having good color output and brightness levels, the display also has ultra-slim 4.9 mm side bezels, meaning more screen real estate–it has an 80% screen-to-body ratio in fact!


Capable Binge-watching partner

With its 8-inch size, the MatePad T is also a great partner for binge-watching movies, TV shows, anime, and many more. The screen’s 1280×800 resolution results in fairly sharp video output, especially considering its budget price tag. What’s more is that the MatePad T’s onboard speaker is located on the left side–meaning you won’t cover it whenever you’re watching a movie/show while holding the tablet with your right hand.


Good Performance

My prior experience with budget tablets are quite bad to be honest, with most tablets under PHP10k that I’ve tried being very slow and sluggish, even while just scrolling through apps. The MatePad T though is different; powered by a Mediatek MT8768 processor and coupled with 2GB of RAM and 32GB of ROM, the tablet actually performs pretty well for everyday use and some light gaming. So if you’re going to use the MatePad T for common apps like social media, email, and casual games, this Huawei tablet should have enough power.


Long Battery Life

Thanks to its large 5100mAh battery, the MatePad T will surely last for one day of use, even if it’s used to watch lots of TV show episodes or for general productivity. Huawei even states that the tablet can run 12 hours of video playback on one charge. If you use the tablet more sparingly and turn on battery saver, the MatePad T will likely last for more than a day on a single charge.


Great For Kids

With classes shifting to online learning methods this school year, the MatePad T is a great option for kids so they can attend their online classes. With the list of word processing and drawing apps available on the AppGallery, as well as various apps for learning such as Kindergarten Kids Learning, Learning Alphabet, Math Kids Learning, Lingokids, and the Kids Learning Center, the MatePad T is definitely a good budget partner for any student.

Aside from schoolwork, this Android tablet is also great for kids as it packs parental control features that let parents select which apps, videos, or pictures their child can access. For added security, the tablet has a face unlock feature, meaning it’s secure but is easy to unlock, even for kids. Finally, the tablet has an Eye Comfort mode which helps to protect kids’ eyes from blue light.


The AppGallery

As with new Huawei devices, the MatePad T features the AppGallery, Huawei’s own app store. At the AppGallery, you can download tons of top apps such as FoodPanda, Viu, Kumu, Tiktok, Lazada and Viber. What’s more is that the ApGallery has unique features such as four-layer detection security, plus it has the add to Wishlist feature where you can add apps that you wish to be available soon in the AppGallery. If you do need apps that are not yet available in the AppGallery, there are other ways to download apps, including via the Huawei browser and third-party stores.

Plus, if you need Google apps, several apps such as Google Drive, Google Mail, and YouTube. And if you do need to access email, your Gmail/Yahoo mail account can be synced via the pre-installed Huawei email app.

If you need more info on how to download apps via the AppGallery, check out our guide.


The Price

The last, and probably the best thing about the MatePad T is the price. For a tablet that features a fairly large display, a capable processor, and a massive battery, the MatePad T is only priced at PHP 5,990. Yes, the MatePad T is an incredible deal, and is easily one of the best bang-for-buck tablets you can get right now!

The Huawei MatePad T is available now for only PHP 5,990 at Huawei concept stores and partner retailers.