Here’s why you should consider the Huawei Y6p for mobile gaming on a budget

Gear Up and Game On

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Handheld gaming titles have come a long way from the days of pixelated graphics doing simple things to keep us entertained — these days, it’s all about blasting through realistic environments, absorbing narratives, and intense competitive battles set against high-fidelity backdrops and quirky visual elements. It’s even more awesome when you have the Huawei Y6p to play all these modern mobile games on.

Huawei Y6p: Built for gaming

All cutting-edge HD graphics, 3D effects and simulated physics wouldn’t mean much without adequate hardware to run on — which is why the Huawei Y6p is outfitted with 4GB RAM + 64GB ROM to accommodate large assets and smooth in-game framerates.

Battery life on the Y6p is a champ as well, with 5,000mAh onboard providing extended play time regardless if it’s a casual puzzle title or intense arena shooters with three other friends. Speaking of friends, the Y6p supports reverse charging with compatible devices should one of the crew need a quick battery top-up for the home stretch.


Explore AppGallery’s top charts

Hitting the AppGallery should be first priority for mobile gamers, as Huawei’s self-developed app store offers an ever-growing library of apps and games. New apps join AppGallery every day, with many offering special points, VIP rewards and other exciting perks just a few taps away.

Once top essentials for social (Facebook, TikTok, Viber), banking (Gcash, PayMaya), food delivery (FoodPanda), and shopping (Lazada, Zalora) have been downloaded, it’s time to dive into the games section’s hottest new entries.


Shooters, races, and guerilla gardening: Gaming must-haves on the Huawei Y6p

Competitive battle royale-style games are all the rage these days, and Garena Free Fire: Rampage ticks all the right boxes for the genre. This survival shooter drops 50 players on an island and gives them 10 minutes to determine which competitor will be left standing. When a dozen or so squads are gunning fiercely for the top spot, Huawei Y6p owners will be glad to have that octa-core chip with 4GB of RAM on their arsenal.

For the casual audience, Candy Crush Mania offers 100 levels of dessert-laden puzzlers to spend hours on. Similarly, WordCross challenges players with clever crossword-style anagrams to untangle — easy to pick up but it ramps up in difficulty as it goes along! Thanks to the Huawei Y6p’s giant 5000mAh battery, hours upon hours of puzzle-solving fun are guaranteed.

Meanwhile, Asphalt 9: Legends puts players behind the wheel of the meanest driving machines — from street drifters to futuristic hybrids, the world is ripe for nitro dashes and 360-degree spins to the finish line. On the other hand, Plants vs Zombies is action of a different breed, with strategic botanical warfare being the name of the game. Deploy peashooters, chili bombs and melon catapults against the undead horde in this classic tower defense game which, like Asphalt 9, is a visual treat courtesy of the Huawei Y6p’s massive 6.3-inch Dewdrop Display.

All the aforementioned games are available now at the Huawei AppGallery, along with plenty of other top-rated titles that shine on the Huawei Y6p’s powerful hardware — perfect for both casual and hardcore gamers. Huawei Y6p retails for PHP 5,990.

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