Konami brings back Solid Snake, as a duck

It's not over yet, duck!

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Toymaker Numskull Designs partners with Konami in bringing back an iconic video game character, Solid Snake from the popular Metal Gear Solid Series, though not as you remember him.

Yes, that’s the legendary Solid Snake himself! Or Solid… Duck? Duck!? Duuuuuuuuuuuuuck! Along with Revolver Ocelot.


Numskull Designs is popular for taking videogame characters and giving it the rubber ducky treatment, as they have made quacked-up versions of Kratos and Street Fighter characters, to name a few.

As cute as this may seem (I actually want one), I still hope to see the day when we get the actual Solid Snake back in proper video game form and helmed once again by Hideo Kojima. But for now, this bit of news made me smile, at least.

“It’s not over yet, Duck! It’s not over yet!!!”

You can pre-order now on their official website.