Pokemon Go Grandpa is back, and now he has 64 smartphones

Pokemon Go Grandpa gets a Mega Evolution!

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Remember Pokemon Go Grandpa from Taiwan? Well, he’s still very much active, and his rig has evolved. In case you’re unfamiliar, Chén Sānyuán (aka Pokemon Go Grandpa) is a Pokemon Go player from Taiwan that gained fame for using 15 smartphones to catch Pokemon.

Image via ifeng.com

Back in 2018, Gramps upgraded his rig to 22 smartphones. Now, two years after, Pokemon Go Grandpa uses 64 smartphones to catch Pokemon!

Just look at his crazy Pokemon Go setup here:

Firstly, that’s definitely the craziest (and best) Pokemon Go setup we’ve ever seen. Though we can’t imagine how difficult it is to actually ride a bike with 64 phones mounted on the front. Not to mention how tough it is to monitor all 64 phones while out and about. Still, if there’s anyone that can pull off a contraption like this, it’s Pokemon Go Grandpa. We definitely admire his dedication to catching them all!

Given how Granpda keeps on adding more and more phones to his setup, we won’t be surprised if he starts using 100 phones to catch Pokemon Go by 2021.

Source: yanwu via The Verge