Square Enix announces Project Athia for the PS5

Now this looks like a proper next-gen experience!

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The PlayStation 5 online event saw lots of game announcements, from intriguing indie games to new installments in established PlayStation IPs. One of the reveals that stood out for us though is Project Athia, an upcoming PS5 game from Square Enix that looks truly-next gen.

Check out the teaser trailer for the game here:

Project Athia is described by PlayStation as:

Watch a breathtaking first look at Project Athia, a thrilling story-led, action-packed adventure from SQUARE ENIX’s new studio, Luminous Productions. Project Athia is the culmination of Luminous Productions’ philosophy to create a completely new and fresh gaming experiences that fuses together the latest technologies with art. With the PlayStation 5, their vision truly comes to life, and with Project Athia you can look forward to being transported to a vast and detailed world filled with beauty and dismay

While the teaser trailer didn’t reveal much about the game, one thing’s for sure–Project Athia looks gorgeous! And given that game is being developed by Luminous Productions, so this game might be running on the Luminous Engine, the same game engine used in Final Fantasy XV. If it is, then we’re definitely impressed by the engine’s graphical capabilities.

Project Athia is still a working title, so we expect to see more about the game in the future. Here’s we won’t have to wait too long.