This Cup Noodle model kit by Bandai lets you assemble your own cup ramen

No, you won't be able to eat this.

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We love Cup Noodles. Then again, who doesn’t? Cup Noodles are cheap, easy to prepare, and delicious; making them a great snack, side dish, or even a meal in itself. While we like local Cup Noodles, there’s still nothing that can beat the original Japanese Cup Noodle when it comes to taste, whether it’s the original, seafood, or curry flavor. If you love Japanese Cup Noodles as much as we do, this cool new collectible is sure to pique your interest!

Bandai recently announced that it has teamed up with Nissin to release a Cup Noodle model kit. This kit is a 1:1 plastic model of the iconic Japanese Cup Noodle, and it’s a near-perfect recreation of the beloved cup ramen.

While it would’ve been easy for Bandai to release a basic Cup Noodle model kit, they basically pulled out all the stops for this one. Inside the kit is an accurately-sized bunch of noodles, as well as the exact amount of toppings found in actual Cup Noodles. From pictures, it looks so good that we actually want to put some hot water and it eat it after three minutes!

To announce this new model kit, Bandai released an absolutely epic video which you can watch here:

The Cup Noodle model kit is available for pre-order in Japan and is priced at JPY 2,420 (around PHP 1,120 or USD 22.33). This model kit will also be available in the Philippines via local collectibles store Hubbyte. No pricing and availability info in the Philippines has been announced so far though.

For more info, visit the official Bandai website.