This Evangelion x Citizen Promaster is the premium watch of choice for hardcore EVA fans

It doesn't come cheap though!

Is the Evangelion x Casio G-Shock not premium enough for your liking? Well, Evangelion has another watch collab, but this one is much more premium!

Introducing the Evangelion x Citizen Promaster!

Much like the EVA G-Shock, this Evangelion Citizen Promaster has a primarily black color, but has purple and green accents which are inspired by Shinji Ikari’s iconic Eva Unit-01. The watch’s face also includes an EVA-1 logo, and the long hand is in neon green.

As for its materials, this Citizen Promaster’s case is made of stainless steel, with the face being protected by Crystal Glass; meanwhile, the band is made of polyurethane. As a diving watch, this Promaster is also waterproof up to 200 meters.

At the back, the Citizen Eco-Drive logo can be seen, along with 000/400. Yes, this means only 400 units of this Citizen Promaster will be made!

As a limited edition watch, the Evangelion x Citizen Promaster comes in a unique, oxygen tank-styled case. We’re not sure why it looks like an oxygen tank, but hey, it looks cool!

Now for its price. As a limited edition watch, this Citizen Promaster is not cheap–it’s priced at JPY 165,000 (around PHP 77,175 or USD 1,540). Sure, it’s not as expensive as other premium watches, but it’s still going to burn a hole in your wallet for sure.

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