Ubisoft announces the Anno History Collection, featuring the first four titles in the series

The collection releases on June 25.

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Ubisoft recently announced the upcoming Anno History Collection, a compilation of the first four games in the city-building Anno series, albeit in fully updated forms.

With the Anno History Collection, players will be able to relive the captivating city-building gameplay of the folllowing Anno games and their expansions:

  • Anno® 1602 History Edition and its expansion, New Islands, New Adventure
  • Anno® 1503 History Edition and its expansion, Treasures, Monsters & Pirates
  • Anno® 1701 History Edition and its expansion, The Sunken Dragon
  • Anno® 1404 History Edition and its expansion, Venice

The Anno History Collection doesn’t just feature the four games in their original forms. The collection features new updates and optimizations to the classic Anno games, including:

  • Graphics: Thanks to resolutions of up to 4K, players’ cities will look better than ever.
  • Multiplayer Features: Updated and expanded multiplayer functionality including matchmaking.
  • Save Compatibility: Players will enjoy all improvements while continuing to save games from the original game versions.
  • Other Features: Borderless window mode and multiscreen support.
  • Bonus Content: The Anno History Collection will also offer bonus content including soundtracks and wallpapers, as well as company logos and an ornament for Anno 1800.
  • Anno 1503 History Edition Multiplayer: 18 years after the release of the original game, Anno 1503 finally receives an official online multiplayer mode.

The first Anno game was Anno 1602, and it was released in 1998 for PC in Europe, with a North American release following in 2000. Anno 1503, 1701, and 1404 were then released in 2003, 2006, and 2009 respectively.

The full Anno History Collection will be available on the Ubisoft Store for USD 39.99 (around PHP 2,015) on June 25. The collection is also available for pre-order now at https://store.ubi.com/sea. Finally, all games in the Anno History Collection will be available individually in the Ubisoft Store on June 25.