Can’t get enough of Ghost of Tsushima? Here’s official merch to sink your sword into

That Prime 1 statue!

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Today is launch day for Sucker Punch Productions much-awaited samurai stealth game Ghost of Tsushima. With all the hype surrounding this game, not to mention the rave reviews its been getting, it no wonder a lot of fans would want to sink their sword (in the form of money) and grab a piece of all the action to flaunt and add to their collection.

Lucky for you guys, there’s a lot to choose from. Ranging from apparel to vinyl figures up to those premium top-of-the-line statues, looks like Sucker Punch collaborated with a lot of notable companies to bring some tangible merchandise just in time to ride with the release day! Check them all out below:


Jin Sakai Funko Pop! Vinyl figures

This will not come as a surprise to collectors of Funko Pop! As the popular brand have made just about any 3.75 inch figure into their style of beady-eyed and inarticulate aesthetics. If I were you I would look out for the “bloody” variant of Jin Sakai because, well, blood haha. You can preorder through Gamestop or through this page. Expect the figure to roll out around September 2020.

In collaboration with Dark Horse, this art book is sure to please fans of the game’s lore. Stuffed with more than 200 pages full of concept illustrations and, most probably unused material that spans the development of the game, both fans and coffee table book lovers would definitely want to put this on display or peruse for all its behind-the-scenes goodness. Check this out on the PlayStation Gear Store


Also over at the PlayStation Gear store, there’s a lot of Ghost of Tsushima apparel on offer, which most notably includes a bundle that has a both Ghost of Tsushima logo hoodie and sling bag for around 40 USD. Check them all out in this link!


I’ve always loved the Figma brand because of both the size of the figures and the way they are expertly articulated, they really just fit perfectly right in my hobby wheelhouse. With no pre-orders just yet, Goodsmile Company has released some prototype images of our boy Jin in Figma form! Complete with exchangeable parts and accessories, which the brand is known for.


Last, but certainly not the least (or even the cheapest) is this premium Ghost of Tsushima 1:4 Scale Jin Sakai statue from Prime 1 Studio. The statue features some intricate details of our protagonist as well as other notable highlights like the a fox and some Ginko leaves in the background. The picture above is an early concept work but expect anything coming from Prime 1 to be of top-quality!


And there you have it! Like I sad, Ghost of Tsushima releases today exclusively for the PlayStation 4, so now’s a good time to pick up this potential game of the year title.