‘Kamen Rider memory of heroez’ releases on the PS4 and Switch this October

The Kamen Rider home console game is coming soon!

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Great news, Kamen Rider fans! Bandai Namco Entertainment Asia has just announced Kamen Rider memory of heroez, the latest Kamen rider home console game, and it’s releasing for the PS4 and the Swich on October 29, 2020.

Alongside the game’s announcement, Bandai Namco also released the first trailer for the game which you can watch here:

According to Bandai Namco, Kamen Rider memory of heroez will let players “skillfully manipulate the form change of the Kamen Riders in battles,” as well as “make full use of different actions with gadgets in the main story.” The game also promises to bring the most advanced Kamen Rider action the game series has seen to date.

Kamen Rider memory of heroez is available for pre-order now in select retailers. Users who pre-roder the game will receive the following early-purchase bonuses:

  • 3 types of special motions for Kamen Rider W, OOO, and Zero-One
  • Equipment item that increase experience and stamina (RP): Memory of Heroez [Attack UP (Medium)/ Defense UP (Medium)]

The new Kamen Rider game will also come in a Premium Sound Edition, and it includes the following

  • Lets players customize their own in-game BGMs with a total of 60 songs, including opening songs, BGMs, and insert songs
  • Limited Digital Art Collection

For more info on Kamen Rider memory of heroez, visit: https://rider-moh.bn-ent.net/about/.