Retro Car Chase Action! HORIZON CHASE TURBO Deluxe Edition heading to PS4 (SEA) this July 28

Retro couch-racing madness with this one!

Harkening back to the good ol’ days of racing arcade mayhem, SCRYsoft and Aquiris Game Studios is bringing HORIZON CHASE TURBO to South East Asian PlayStation players with an updated edition. Released back in 2018, Horizon Chase Turbo is a competitive couch-racing game that you can play with your friends across the couch or online. This Deluxe Edition will include the Summer Vibes DLC.

Inspired by the classic racing games of old, Horizon Chase Turbo is a modern take a loved classic with its quirky 16-bit-looking art direction and adding modern gameplay elements. The game has a whopping 32 cars to choose from ranging from uber classic ones to ones with more of today’s sensibilities.

These 32 road devils can go through 109 tracks across 48 locations in 12 different countries! THAT’S A LOT OF TRACKS TO PLAY WITH! Adding to this are various extraordinary settings like snowy season, volcanic ashes or severe sandstorms, Horizon Chase Turbo is a day and night race down to the horizons.

Play with your friends on local Multiplayer Split-screen Mode (up to 4 Players) or conquer the leaderboards by going Online, the fun never stops with various racing modes as well like World Tour, Tournament or Endurance Mode matches.

Vibin’ through your races with the SUMMER VIBES DLC included in this Deluxe Edition for the SEA region. You’ll get classic convertible roadsters with 5 unlockable skins and 12 sunny roads from the main campaign have been redesigned to give you a true summer experience.

If you feel the heat of nostalgia calling and want to rev up that driving spirit, check out Horizon Chase Turbo Deluxe Edition when it vroom-vrooms your way on July 28, 2020.