Can you believe it? StarCraft II is now 10 years old! Since the StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty released back in 2010, the game has seen two expansions, as well as countless updates. In fact, the game’s first campaign and base multiplayer mode went free-to-play in 2017.

To celebrate the game’s 10th anniversary, Blizzard has released a 10th anniversary update, and it includes a wealth of player-requested features, including:

  • STARCRAFT II’S BIGGEST PATCH TO DATE – Updates to the Galaxy Map Editor, new campaign achievements, and new prestige talents for every co-op commander.
  • WATCH STARCRAFT II’S ALL-STARS IN WAR CHEST TEAM LEAGUE – War Chest Team League brings nine teams together, each captained by a pro caster who will bring their top-tier casting chops and insider knowledge.
  • STARCRAFT II SHORT STORIES – Rolling out soon is a series of new short stories set in StarCraft’s Koprulu Sector—one focused on each race—beginning with “One People, One Purpose” by Alex Acks.
  • THE 10 GREATEST GAMES IN STARCRAFT II ESPORTS – Members of the StarCraft II development team recount high-flying moments, personal faves, and unforgettable upsets from the last decade in StarCraft II esports.
  • LOG IN REWARD: WHITE-RA ANNOUNCER – Log in at any time from today until August 11 to unlock a new announcer—the Protoss-playing mastermind White-Ra—for free.

For more on the StarCraft II 10th Anniversary patch, visit:


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