Top Filipino comic book talents team up for the #SuitsForHeroes fundraising initiative

Comic Odyssey, Filbar's, and PlanetX team up for the benefit of our real-life heroes!

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The world of comic books is populated with larger-than-life superheroes, but here in the real world, we also have incredible heroes–the frontliners of the COVID-19 pandemic. As the pandemic rages on, Filipino health workers continue to work tirelessly and put their lives on the line to help people, proving that they are truly the real-life counterparts of everyones’ favorite comic books superheroes.

To help out our heroes, Comic Odyssey, in association with Filbar’s and Planet X, and in partnership with Wunderman Thompson Philippines, has launched the “#SuitsForHeroes” fundraising campaign. This fundraiser aims to help purchase peronal protective equipment (PPE) for Filipino frontliners. How it works is that Comic Odyssey has pledged to reward each donor’s contribution to the fundraiser with store credit which can be used for back issues at Comic Odyssey’s BGC branch.

As part of the campaign, Comic Odyssey has tapped renowned Filipino comic book artists to create artwork that pays tribute to our heroes. The artists include includes Leinil Yu (X-Men, Civil War), Stephen Segovia (Wonder Woman), Kajo Baldisimo (Trese, Buffy), Whilce Portacio (X-Men), Mico Suayan (Captain Marvel), and Harvey Tolibao (Green Lantern) with Levi Ramirez on colors.

Check out the works here:

Whilce Portacio


Harvey Tolibao and Levi Ramirez


Kajo Baldisimo


Leinil Yu


Mico Suayan

By the end of July, these artwork will be put up for auction, with the proceeds going towrads #SuitsForHeroes.

All #SuitsForHeroes proceeds will go to the following organizations: Frontliner Feeders Philippines, Kaya Natin, and Philippine General Hospital Medical Foundation Incorporated.

To donate, and for more info on the campaign, visit or follow @comicodyssey on social media.