Unbuilt Kits ASSEMBLE–Part 2! A quick build for those busy at home

No time, no problem.

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In my quest to reduce my backlog of unbuilt kits, I decided to do a quick build, something that can easily be assembled in a short amount of time and can even be done while multi-tasking (like maybe attending an online video conferencing with friends). This is the Gusock, a crustacean type of Zoid from the recent Zoids Wild line of products.

Diving right in the box, it contains 3 plastic bags, a small motor, decalsm and the assembly manual. Just like the Catalga, the parts dont come with a sprue. The Gusock uses a wind-up motor instead of the battery powered one that the bigger Zoids use.

Assembly is simple. You start with the Zoid’s middle part which is where the motor will reside.

Then build up its exoskeleton towards its head and tail. Then attach its legs. Afterwards, socket the eyes and put on its antennas.


Lastly would be its armored plating.

The mechanism of this Zoid allows it to curl up into a ball like so.

As I mentioned earlier this Zoid uses a wind-up motor, so don’t expect to much from it when it comes to mileage. However, since it does roll up into a ball, this Zoid it meant to be used as a bowling ball🙂

It took me more or less 10 minutes to leisurely build it. A fast build, but enjoyable nonetheless. If you’re thinking of getting into this kind of hobby, Zoids products are a good entry point because all you need to build it is just the kit.

BTW the Gusock can be mistaken for a giant roach in the dark hehehe …