Do you wear glasses? This ramen face mask is perfect for you!

Now that's creative!

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I don’t wear glasses myself, but I do know from glasses-wearing friends and family that they can be annoying to put up with, especially if you’re wearing a face mask (as you should when going out). In case you don’t wear glasses, what happens is that glasses tend to get fogged up as your breath tends to escape upward.

While there’s no solution to this predicament yet, a talented man from Japan named Takahiro Shibata created what is probably the perfect mask for folks with glasses.

Introducing the ramen mask:

So this ramen mask has all the ingredients of a good bowl of ramen, including noodles, a slice of chashu pork, naruto (fish cake, not the anime character), bamboo shoots, and spring onion. While it’s a cute and creative mask by its own, what makes it great is how it looks when someone wearing glasses wears it:

With this mask, it’ll look like the piping hot bowl of ramen is what’s causing your glasses to fog, and not your breath. While it doesn’t solve the fogging issue, it at least makes for a funny effect!

Sure, it’s not exactly practical, but I definitely want one, even if I don’t wear glasses (I just love ramen that much). Sadly though, this mask is not available for sale as it seems like a one-off creation from Shibata.

Here’s hoping a mask manufacturer likes this idea and releases it. After all, given that we should all wear masks while in public places (due to COVID-19), we might as well wear something fun and creative, right?

Source: SoraNews24