With 5G on the horizon, here are 7 reasons why the Huawei nova 7 SE 5G is a must-have

Gear up for the launch of 5G with the new Huawei nova 7 SE!

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Since the nova 2i released in the Philippines back in 2017, the Huawei nova series has quickly become the smartphone line of choice for a lot of today’s youth. After all, Huawei’s nova lineup combines excellent performance and dazzling looks, all while having price tags that are attainable for the younger generation.

Aside from great bang-for-buck, nova smartphones are also trailblazers, with each new nova phone having key features that make it stand out. For instance, the nova 3i was one of the first mid-range phones with four cameras in total at the time of its release, while last year’s nova 5T had a powerful flagship Kirin 980 processor at an unbeatable price point.

Now, we have the nova 7 SE 5G, the latest nova smartphone from Huawei, and it might just be the best mid-ranger we’ve seen from Huawei yet! Wondering why? Here are 7 reasons why the Nova 7 SE 5G is a must have:

First 5G mid-ranger in the Philippines

As its full model name implies, the nova 7 SE 5G is the first mid-range smartphone in the Philippines which supports 5G connectivity, this is thanks to the powerful new Kirin 820 processor that’s 5G ready. For comparison, other 5G smartphones are priced at almost double that of the nova 7 SE, making this the perfect phone to have if you want to take full advantage of 5G networks when they roll out later this year. Plus, when 5G does roll out, there is no need to change to a new SIM as your current SIM should support 5G, as long as you have a 5G enabled phone like the nova 7 SE.

So why is 5G important? Firstly, 5G allows for incredibly fast mobile internet speed. In fact, we got to test out a 5G connection earlier this year on a Mate 30 Pro 5G, and we were floored by how fast it was able to download large apps and files—it was even faster than my home Wi-Fi connection. Thanks to this incredibly fast download speed, a 5G phone is a must-have for the youth who want to be productive or to be entertained anywhere and everywhere. It’s also great for users who love sharing images with friends and family, as images can be uploaded near instantly with a 5G connection.

Left – 5G Speetest
Right – 4G Speedtest

Aside from fast downloads, 5G also equals lower latency, meaning gamers should have lower ping when gaming on a 5G connection. This is perfect for avid mobile gamers who play multiplayer games as it means a much smoother, lag-free gaming experience. Lower latency aside, the Kirin 820 is also powerful enough to run practically all of today’s popular games with ease.


Powerful Performance

To fully take advantage of 5G connectivity (especially for gaming), a powerful processor is needed, and that’s exactly what the nova 7 SE 5G has. Huawei has equipped the nova 7 SE with a Kirin 820 processor, a powerful mid-range chipset that’s a bit of an upgrade to the nova 7i’s already powerful Kirin 810.

How good is the Kirin 820? Well, it managed to play the games we tested on it with ease, even at max settings. The games we tried out on it include more demanding title such as Asphalt 9 and Call of Duty Mobile. Check out our gaming test on the nova 7 SE 5G for more info (link to gaming feature).



As with all new Huawei devices, users can download apps for the nova 7 SE 5G on the AppGallery, Huawei’s own app store. Even though it hasn’t even been a year since the AppGallery released, it’s now the 3rd largest mobile app store in the world, and that’s thanks to an increasing amount of apps being released on the platform.

Currently, users can download tons of top apps on the AppGallery, including ZOOM Cloud Meetings, Facebook, Messenger, Instagram, Twitter, Tiktok, Lazada, Shopee, SSS, PayMaya, GCash, and more. There are also various games already available on the store such as Asphalt 9 or Naruto Slugfest, as well as productivity apps like the Microsoft Office Mobile suite, Canva, and a lot more.

The best part is, more and more apps are being made available on the AppGallery, so it’s only a matter of time until most of your favorite apps will be available on the platform. In the meantime, there’s the new Petal Search widget.


Petal Search

Serving as the gateway to millions of apps, the Petal Search widget is a new tool can be added on Huawei devices’ homescreen that allows users to find everything they need, from images, news, and many more. The key feature of the Petal Search widget though is the ability to quickly search for apps.

Before, users had to visit third-party apk stores to download apps that are not yet available on the AppGallery. With the Petal Search widget, users can simply type in the app they want on Petal Search, and it will automatically give a download link. From there, downloading and installing the app is quick and easy; it’s basically like downloading an app from a browser, without the extra steps. Thanks to the Petal Search, Huawei says that 90% of top apps can now be used on Huawei devices

Here’s a quick guide to the Petal Search:

With the Petal Search widget combined with the AppGallery, downloading your favorite apps has never been easier on a Huawei device!


Beautiful Design

Being 5G ready and having easy access to apps is already impressive, but Huawei did not forget about the nova 7 SE 5G’s looks. As with previous smartphones in the series, the nova 7 SE is a stunner, especially in the Space Silver color. Not only is this color unique, it’s also quite eye-catching to boot, so much so that it can easily be mistaken for a flagship device.

Aside from looking great from the back, the phone’s front is also great to look at thanks to the large display 6.5-inch display that has minimal bezels and only a tiny holepunch notch at the upper left side. Overall, the nova 7 SE 5G is another beautiful mid-ranger that’s deserving of the nova name.


Great match for binge-watching

The 6.5-inch FHD+ display does not just look good though, it’s also a great match for binge-watching movies, TV shows, anime, and many more. With its FHD+ resolution and good color output, watching media on the nova 7 SE 5G is a dream, making it a great device to have for avid binge-watchers.

Complementing its display is a capable bottom-firing onboard speaker that gets decently loud and still sounds quite clear, even at max volume. If ever you do need to, you can hook up the phone to an external speaker or to headphones either through the 3.5mm headphone jack or via Bluetooth.


Quad Camera setup

Finally, we have the phone’s quad camera setup. Consisting of a 64MP main camera, 8MP ultra-wide, 2MP macro camera, and 2MP depth sensor, the rear camera setup is quite versatile in that you can take all sorts of shots from different angles on the nova 7 SE. Just look at some of the phone’s camera samples:

Aside from the good quad rear camera setup, the nova 7 SE 5G also has a 16MP shooter at the front that take’s quality selfies, perfect for social media sharing.

Convinced with the nova 7 SE 5G? I bet you are! The latest Huawei nova device is available now for PHP 19,990 in Huawei concept stores, as well as in partner offline and online retailers nationwide. For more info on the nova 7 SE 5G, visit the official Huawei Community page at: https://consumer.huawei.com/ph/community/list/?forumId=40314, or the  HUAWEI nova 7 SE 5G website at: https://consumer.huawei.com/ph/phones/nova7-se/.

For Petal Search inquiries and customer support, you may contact the following hotlines (9:00 to 21:00 Monday-Sunday):

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