You can now own an official Death Note wristwatch

    Complete with a secret compartment!


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    Here’s something for those who really miss anything and everything about the popular Shonen Jump manga/anime Death Note.

    For a very limited time, you can now pre-order Light Yagami’s, aka Kira’s wristwatch as there is now an officially-made merch on offer!

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    For those who remember the fluff, you can recall that aside from being and everyday accessory, that particular watch has a very special feature in the form of a hidden compartment where you can slip a piece of paper (or anything that fits, really… like a gum? haha) or, in Light’s case a torn page of the Death Note for well, you know, emergency situations. 😉


    Pre-orders are now open from the SuperGroupies shopping site from July 20 to August 11. There are also offering other Death Note related merchandise like a hand/shoulder bag and a wallet.

    But we know what you really want, right?

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    Brian Papa
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