Zara releases an official PlayStation-themed sneaker

Only available in kids sizes though.

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PlayStation is no stranger to footwear collabs, having teamed up with Nike for the PS1-inspired PG 2.5, and with Havaianas for PlayStation flip-flops. Now, there’s a new pair of PlayStation footwear, and it’s a PlayStation-themed sneaker from Zara!

Before you ask, yes, it’s an officially licensed collab. Sadly though, it’s only available in kids sizes.

Check out sneaker’s design here:

Similar to the Nike PG 2.5, this Zara x PlayStation sneaker has the signature gray color of the original PlayStation console. These kicks have a sock-style design with a PlayStation prined on the heel and tongue tabs. There’s also a power button design at the back of each shoe, as well as a print of the iconic ‘triangle-circle-X-square‘ buttons at the front. Inside, it also has a memory-effect fabric insole and lining.

What’s a bit unusual with these PlayStation sneakers is that the air cushion at the back has a green color that’s reminiscent of the Xbox instead of the signature PlayStation blue. When you think about it though, blue has only become synonymous with PlayStation in the PS4 era. The green color may have been chosen for this sneaker to represent the green power light of the PS1.

The Zara x PlayStation kids sneakers are now available via the Zara website in the US for USD 50. In the Philippines, these sneakers are also on the Zara website with a price of PHP 2,595.