A Pokemon virtual theme park is opening this week!

We can't wait to visit!

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Becuase of the COVID-19 pandemic, mass gatherings are definitely a no-go. While this means you might not be able to enjoy Disneyland, you can at least enjoy this virtual theme park from the Pokemon Company!

The Pokemon Company, in partnership with Japanese social media platform Cluster, recently unveiled the Pokemon Virtual Fest–a celebration of all things Pokemon happening from August 12-31, 2020. The festival includes a virtual them park that Pokemon fans could visit, as well as a bunch of activities!

At the Pokemon Virtual Fest, fans can roam around the virtual theme park to soak in all the Pokemon-themed sights, as well as enjoy virtual rides on the Giant Poké Ball Ferris Wheel and Wailord Sky Ocean Cruise.

After going on some rides, fans can then try out games that are straight out of a carnival! The games include the Inteleon Shooting Range and the Dugtrio Ring Toss.

Aside from rides and games, the Pokemon Virtual Fest Theme Park will also host special events, including Pokemon battles and stage performances (complete with fireworks).

To top it all off, fans who attend the Virtual Fest will get to participate in missions which have them solve puzzles. As missions are completed, more areas of the theme park will open up for fans to enjoy.


Interested in the Pokemon Virtual Fest theme park?  To visit, you’ll need a smartphone, a PC, or a virtual reality headset if you have one.

For more info, head on over to the event’s official website.

Source: TimeOut