Log in to Fall Guys NOW and get this Legendary Prickles costume and 5000 Kudos

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ONE Store Beta Now Available

Probably the hottest battle royale/ Takeshi’s Castle-like game right now, Fall Guys by Mediatonic is taking the gaming world by storm! So much in fact that from the looks of it the developers did not expect this level of success, as recently players have been reporting that they were unable to get in the game because of server issues, yikes!

Depending on how you look at it, this might be a good metric for the title, given that they only launched recently. For us players though, a really great thing about this is that we are compensated in the form of a free skin and 5000 Kudos, an in-game resource. Check out the recent tweet from @FallGuysGame, this was posted an hour ago as of this writing:

To get the skin and the Kudos, just log in the game now. As in right NOW! This will for sure be a limited-time chance so get to it!


Here’s what the skin looks like when you get it. You actually get two outfits because it is split into the upper and lower sections, allowing for more customization.

Fall Guys is FREE right now for the PlayStation 4 if you are subscribed to PlayStation Plus. Alternatively, you can get the game for PC via Steam.