The Huawei Sound X Engages the Senses Through Immersive Audio Technology

The Huawei Sound X is a new home speaker from Huawei that's out now in the Philippines.

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In terms of tech-powered lifestyles, Huawei has it down to a science: every device from the tech giant has offered a unique experience that successfully integrates sophisticated style with intelligent engineering. That very same design philosophy has resulted in Huawei’s latest creation aimed at producing atmospheric soundscapes – the Huawei Sound X #SoundBeyondImagination.

As far as Bluetooth speakers go, the Sound X stands out by understating its exterior looks in favor of high-powered audio performance. Huawei achieved this through a joint effort with premium audio tech brand Devialet, incorporating a dual-subwoofer system to complement an 8-speaker 360-degree surround setup that’s guaranteed to fill any room with high-fidelity sound.

Bring the concert home with high-fidelity acoustics

Music aficionados in particular will certainly appreciate what the Sound X has to offer, especially when stay-at-home protocols limit any concert-going opportunities for the foreseeable future. Hooking up the Sound X to a phone or laptop practically brings the concert home, thanks to an approach to acoustics technology that’s uniquely Huawei.

The Sound X definitely adds an extra layer of immersion to any recorded track or live performance, producing an audio ensemble the way it was meant to be listened to. A symmetrical bass structure via Devialet’s patented Push-Push design ensures the dual-subwoofers cancel backwave vibrations from each other, resulting in audio quality that can quite literally be felt in the bones.

Next-level audio immersion in both reel and real life

The sleek and compact form factor of the Sound X means it occupies very little space while giving off a slightly-futuristic vibe, especially when the RGB ring light interface is activated. Watching movies with  the Sound X mimics a theater experience that seamlessly adapts to whatever audioscape the movie demands — from booming surround sound for action-packed flicks all the way to crisp and clear dialogue during dramatic moments. That’s the Speaker Active Matching (SAM) technology in action, which minimizes sound distortion via algorithmic signal output-matching.

The speaker also packs the “Huawei Share ” function, which saves users the hassle of waiting for a wireless or Bluetooth connection to establish. Instead, you can simply tap your phone’s NFC area against the Sound X, and velvety surround sound will begin to play without delay. Or to answer calls on your Sound X, just switch on call mode, with a tap of your hand.

People who prefer speaker audio over earbuds for virtual meetings or video chatting will love the Huawei Sound X as well. In addition to the crystal-clear audio, incoming phone calls can be easily answered and synced to the Sound X simply by tapping the phone on top of the speaker.

Huawei Sound X has Hi-Res certification from Japan Audio Society – the highest certification a HiFi speaker can have in the industry.

The new normal shouldn’t be an auditory wasteland by any means — the Huawei Sound X welcomes anybody into its oasis of pure acoustic bliss, offering multimedia sound that resonates with the senses as well as the soul.

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