We NEED these Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout crossover skins!

With the incredible popularity of Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout, the likes of KFC, Konami, and more want collab skins in-game!

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It’s fair to say that Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout is one of the hottest games right now thanks to its crazy fun twist on the last man standing formula. Because of its popularity, lots of brands are trying to get in on the Fall Guys action via skin designs from fans, as well as from various brands.

One such brand is KFC which isn’t a surprise given the fast food giant is not a stranger to game collabs (remember the KFC restaurant in Animal Crossing?). For Fall Guys, the KFC Gaming Twitter posted an image of a Fall Guys KFC skin which we absolutely need!

Aside from KFC, Walmart is also getting in on the Fall Guys fun with its own Walmart vest-inspired skin:

Not to be outdone, Chuck E. Cheese also had their own take for Fall Guys:

Even Konami tried their hand at designing Fall Guys skins. Specifically, Konami UK shared three skins based on Solid Snake and Naked Snake from the Metal Gear series:

While brands from all over the world are releasing their skin designs for Fall Guys, fans of the game are sharing their own creations based on various games, and even anime:

Interested in more Fall Guys skin designs? Head on over to the official Fall Guys Twitter as those guys are constantly sharing new fan art!

Given that the Fall Guys Twitter has noticed these skin ideas, here’s hoping we actually see them in the game!

Source: IGN