Five of our favorite Pinoy game streamers and how you can support them through PayMaya

With PayMaya, you can support your favorite game streamers!

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With everyone encouraged to stay at home to help stem the spread of COVID-19, more and more people have turned to playing games to pass the time, as well as to keep connected with friends. Aside from just playing though, video game streaming has also become incredibly popular, with fans eagerly watching their favorite streamers play games live.

The appeal of streaming is that instead of just you playing a game, watching streams is a shared experience with the streamer and the viewers, making for an interesting way to spend a couple of hours. Of course, not everyone can stream as it takes skill to not only be good at the game, but also to be entertaining and interesting for viewers.

If you’re interested in watching game streams, or are looking for more streamers to check out, then here are our favorite Pinoy gamers to watch live on Facebook:

Eric ‘Eruption’ Tai

Eruption gained renown in the Philippines for being a star player in the Philippine Volcanoes, as well as for his later stint as a personality in local TV shows. But right now, Eruption is busy playing and streaming Mobile Legends!

On their own, Eruption’s streams are quite entertaining to watch, but that’s not the only reason we watch him. Eruption promotes fit gaming, meaning a proper balance of gaming as well as physical activities. After all, gaming all day isn’t exactly healthy, and Eruption’s message is something that we definitely agree with!


Bianca ‘Biancake’ Yao

Even before the rise of game streaming, Biancake has been a fixture in the Pinoy gaming scene, specifically in the Dota community as a host in various tournaments. Now, Biancake has transitioned into streaming a lot more, and we definitely love seeing her play!

As with Eruption though, entertainment value isn’t the only reason we watch her. What we love most about Biancake is her passion and consistency in streaming. You would think that someone in the scene for as long as her would’ve lost her gaming passions already, but no, it’s still very much there!



If we want to see some pro FPS moves (or if we want to get reminded of how much we suck at competitive shooters), one of our go-to streamers is MaggieKarp, a Pinoy game streamer who specializes in FPS titles. While MaggieKarp also streams third-person shooters and MOBAs, FPS games are still here specialty, and boy do we love seeing her get frags on Valorant or Apex Legends.


Alexa Asahina

If MaggieKarp is our go-to for FPS titles, Alexa Asahina is one of our top picks to watch when we’re in the mood for some fighting game action. If you haven’t seen her play fighting games yet, you’re in for a treat as she’s incredibly skilled. In fact, she even played in REV Major 2019, one of the Philippines’ premier fighting game events.


Eri Neeman

Eri Neeman exploded into the Dota scene after ESL One Manila and the Manila Major back in 2016, and since then, Eri has been one of the biggest Filipino Dota personalities in the world. Now, he’s also started to stream games consistently. Of course, we always tune it when he plays Dota, but if you haven’t seen him play other games, you definitely should as Eri is a massive geek! Just to give you an example, we had an FF7R discussion with Eri and other streamer/media friends a few months back, and it took us over three hours to do so.

Whether you watch our streamer picks or your own favorite gamers, it’s easy to support them with Facebook Stars. Though if you don’t know how to give them stars, you can do so easily if you have a PayMaya account! With a PayMaya account, you can give stars to your favorite gamers even without a credit card.

Here’s a quick guide to sending stars to your favorite streamer:

  1. Go to the live/on demand video of your favorite streamer and click on the star.
  2. Click “Buy Stars to Send”
  3. Select how many stars you want to buy.
  4. Choose PayMaya Wallet among the payment options and click “Pay”.
  5. You will be redirected to another page. Click “Continue” then click on the “Pay with PayMaya” button.
  1. Enter your mobile number and OTP to pay.
  2. Once you’re done buying stars, click on the star again and your balance of stars will be displayed. Determine how many stars you want to send and click “Send”.

The best part about using PayMaya to get Stars is the ‘Balik Bayad’ promo. In this promo, by paying with PayMaya, you can get 1%, 10%, or 100% cashback for a minimum spend of PHP 500.  Basically, you have a chance to get all your money back when buying Stars on Facebook.

So what’re you waiting for? Support your favorite streamers now and download PayMaya at: