Here’s why upgrading to a 5G smartphone won’t just mean a speed upgrade

Why 5G is the Game-Changing Tech You’ve Been Waiting For

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With Philippine telcos rolling out 5G to more and more places, now seems to be the best time to upgrade to a 5G smartphone. After all, 5G does give users way faster speeds compared to standard 4G connections. This means users can enjoy their favorite high-resolution content without in a near instant.

Speed is definitely the highlight of 5G, but that’s not the only reason why 5G is a game changer. In fact, here are some examples of what having a 5G smartphone will mean for users:

Low latency in media consumption

Aside from up to 10x faster speed compared to 4G, 5G also has much lower latency which further enhances high-definition livestreaming experiences even across incredibly long distances. Plus, 5G will also let users experience HD video calls without frustrating lag, making for a better conversation.

VR/AR/3D mixed reality

The higher bandwidth speed and lower latency of 5G also works wonders for virtual/augmented/mixed reality applications. Thanks to 5G, VR/AR applications like gaming and real-time troubleshooting in heavy industries/medicine will get a big boost.

Cloud gaming and smarter homes

Another way that 5G can change the game is through Cloud Gaming. Mobile networks right now just dont’ have the speed and low enough latency to give gamers a smooth cloud gaming experience. With 5G though, gamers may soon be able to enjoy a full PC/console-level gaming experience all with just a smartphone or a tablet thanks to cloud gaming services.

To top it all off, 5G also has the potential to create even smarter homes thanks to Internet of Things (IoT) devices. These online devices, paired with 5G connectivity, can finally realize home automation’s full potential by seamlessly synchronizing all smart appliances – with the 5G-capable smartphone as the control hub.

Interested in getting your own 5G device? Various brands such as Huawei have now started to release 5G-ready devices. In fact, Huawei already has a multitude of devices available in the Philippines with 5G support, including the P40 Series 5G , Mate 30 Pro 5G, nova 7 SE, and more. This is part of Huawei’s transition to its 5G-capable smartphone line, as well as its aim of giving Filipino consumers a massive advantage in the age of 5G networks.