Meet Hololive English, Cover Corp’s first English-speaking VTuber group

Cover Corp. has just announced Hololive English, its first English-speaking VTuber group aimed at the international Hololive fanbase. This new VTuber generation will debut starting September 12.

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If you’re an anime fan, gamer, or an all-around geek like us, you’re probably familiar or have already fallen deep into the Hololive hole. With Cover Corp.’s new announcement, it looks like you’r going to fall in even deeper along with us!

Cover Corp. recently announced Hololive English (HoloEN), the company’s first English-speaking virtual YouTuber group. While there are already fluent English speakers in Hololive (we’re looking at you, Coco), HoloEN marks the first generation composed of fluent English speakers.

HoloEN is composed of five members, with the group having a theme mythical theme. This means each idol’s story and appearance are based on certain myths and legends.

Check out our first look at HoloEN here:

Here’s a quick rundown of each new member along with their YouTube channels, Twitter accounts, and debut times:

Ninomae Ina’nis


Gawr Gura


Takanashi Kiara


Mori Calliope


Amelia Watson

Not familiar with Hololive? Hololive is a Virtual YouTuber agency by Cover Corp. which started back in 2017 with the debut of Tokino Sora. Currently, Hololive is now home to 33 VTubers; plus there are six Hololive China idols, as well as three Hololive Indonesia members.

Not sure how to get into Hololive? This video is a must-watch!

Source: Hololive reddit