PlayPark Flyff Announces Limited-Time Speed Server

The new Flyff 'Bubble Server' is now open!

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Flyff players from years back will probably remember bosses like Clockworks and Aibatts which definitely brought players togethers in guilds. One of the more memorable bosses is no doubt Bubble, one of the Clown Gods of Roika.

Now, Buuble makes his return to the game with the opening of the Flyff Speed Server limited time event! The Bubble Server is open right now to all Flyff players, and it’ll be the best server for players who want to jump back into the game thanks to fast leveling.

The new Bubble Speed server features a 25x EXP gain bonus for characters and pets, 15x drop rate, and 10x Penya. Plus, the level cap has also been increased to 170, and it allows players to access their 3rd Job. Thanks to these features, the grind to earn levels will be a breeze.

Aside from faster leveling, the new server also has various activities for everyone. These include daily Siege activities, a competitive Guild vs Guild mode, and the Speed Server Guild Siege Champions event. This event will lead up to the Flyff Philippine Championship (FPC) 2020–the biggest tournament for Flyff in the Philippines.

The Bubble Server also introduces the new Devil Armor Set, Ultimate Devil Weapons, and the Meteonyker Set for players to hunt and collect. For official stats and to see how the armors and weapons look, check out the official announcement here.

To celebrate the new Bubble Server, the PlayPark Flyff Team has a various activities, sale events, and more that are lined up. For one, the most active guilds will get rewards. Bubble is also opening the Speed Shop which features a rotating set of rare items. Finally, the Bubble Server will include the Awakening System, as well as the Socket Card and Lord Systems so that you can further increase your weapons’ and armors’ power levels.

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