Square Enix collabs with Super Groupies for NieR-inspired accessories collection

The collection features watches and other accessories.

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In celebration of the NieR series’ 10th year anniversary, Square Enix has teamed up with Japanese anime/game fashion brand Super Groupies for a NieR-inspired collection. This Super Groupies line features 10 items, consisting of watches, bags, and scarves.

Each item features a design based on specific NieR series characters. Check them all out here:


First up, we have two items inspired by NieR, the main character of NieR Replicant.

The first item is a chronograph watch with all-black straps and a black-and-silver watch face. The watch also has engravings that are inspired by Nier’s outfit.

The second item is a black and dark gray bag that features design elements based on Nier’s outfit. The bag can be used as a shoulder bag as well as a hand-carry bag.



Similar to Nier, Kaine of NieR Replicant also has two items in the collection.

The first Kaine-inspired item is a chronograph watch with a light blue strap and a light blue-and-black watch face. The watch’s color and its designs are based on Kaine’s outfit.

The next item is a Kaine-inspired crossbody bag that has a primarily black color with blue accents at the sides. The bag also features black lace at the sides–a nod to Kaine’s outfit.



Emil only has one item in the collection, but it’s a showstopper!

Part of the collection is an oversized stole that’s patterned after the scarf that Emil wears in-game. The stole also comes with a Lunar Tear stole pin.



As arguably the most popular character in the series, NieR Automata’s 2B has three items in the Super Groupies collection.

The first is a chronograph watch with a primarily black color and an intricately-designed watch face. The watch’s face has has design elements that reference 2B’s black combat visor and dress.

The second 2B-inspired item is an elegant black-and-gray bag. It features perforated and embossed patterns that are modeled after 2B’s clothes. The bag also comes with removable feather attachments, much like 2B’s sleeves.

The third 2B item in the collection is an oversized stole. As with the previous accessories, this stole has a design that’s directly inspired by 2B’s outfit. Plus, it comes with a Virtuous Contract stole pin (2B’s signature weapon).



Finally, we have two 9S-inspired items.

The first 9S-inspired accessory is a silver chronograph watch. This 9S watch looks a lot like the 2B watch, but it has different watch face design elements.

Last but not the least, we have a 9S-themed backpack. This backpack is inspired by the shoulder bag that 9S carries in-game.

For pricing and pre-order info of this NieR collection, visit the Super Groupies website.

Source: Nmia