Acer remains the No. 1 Consumer and Gaming laptop brand in the Philippines

An impressive record from Acer.

Even amid the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, Acer continues to be the top laptop brand in the Philippines. According to a report by a third-party market research firm, Acer has kept its top spot in both the consumer and gaming laptop markets in the Philippines.

Specifically, Acer recorded a 32%-unit share brand performance in August. The brand also recorded the highest sales units in more than a year. Similarly, Acer led value share with 31% of the market and reached the highest brand value seen in 13 months. With these results, Acer has now the number 1 position in the notebook laptops market for 14 consecutive years.

Meanwhile, Acer has also  strengthened its position in the Gaming notebook market with a 42%-unit share in August. Among Acer’s gaming devices, the Predator Helios 300 was the bestselling gaming notebook.

Even with most businesses stopping or slowing down operations during strict quarantine measures back in March to May, Acer has continued to supply users with laptops. After all, a large number of schools and businesses have pivoted towards digital. In fact, this digital shift in activities is expected to grow even more in the third quarter of 2020.

Aside from providing laptops for the new normal, Acer also has various activities for both the education and consumer segment. For schools, there is the Acer Academy which is a program designed to provide the educational environment the digital framework for the new normal. Acer also recently concluded Predacast, a series of online workshops featuring content creators, gamers, and more.