Despite the Pandemic, Epson is thriving in this new normal thanks to their key innovations!

In the recently concluded #FusionFromHome media event by Epson, the printing and imaging solution giant revealed how the Pandemic actually made the brand more relevant than ever!

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With everyone staying and working from home, you’d think that the pandemic would eventually hinder printing and printing services. We surely did! However, Epson, the printing and imaging giant, divulged to us and other fellow media folks during their first-ever Epson #FusionFromHome Event the complete opposite.

According to the reports revealed to us at the media event, EPSON’s business actually ballooned because of sudden unprecedented changes from the workforce, student body and medical and service field.

Epson’s dye sublimation in the SureColor F-series can be used to produce customized fabric for personal protective equipment (PPE), while its SureColor T-series and SureColor S-Series can produce durable signages to communicate key safety messages inside establishments.

Aside from that, as schooling shifts to the virtual platform, educators have turned to technology to create online classrooms that allow them to present physical materials in detail. And it’s not just the distance learning crowd that benefits from Epson’s wide-range of products (which includes projectors as well).


COVID-19 changed the landscape of what once was the unique segments of the home, school, and office. The classrooms and office cubicles are now extended into our living rooms and bedrooms, forcing the home to an unprecedented digital convergence that brings together a sophisticated blend of the virtual and the real world.

As the home becomes the hub for the worker and the student, the usage of the printer at home benefits not just one but the whole family. From the point of view of the worker and the student, being able to print anywhere is a convenience they will want to experience. Epson’s EcoTank printers fit perfectly in this new ecosystem of home, school, and office as the cost effective, feature-rich printing solution in the new normal.

Celebrating its 10th year in the market, the EcoTank range has shown how Epson continuously improved and evolved its ink tank technology to suit changing needs. With the widest range of ink tank printers in the world, Epson offers solutions for a variety of printing requirements—from single-function to multi-function, mono to color, Wi-Fi, ADF or duplex printing-enabled, and even large format CAD, textile printers that use the EcoTank technology.

“Epson believes that the new normal should not pose constraints to distance learners and office workers. Through our innovative products and solutions in printing and visual imaging, we can optimize learning, increase efficiencies in the office and help businesses embrace digital transformation,” said Eduardo Bonoan, Head of Marketing at Epson Philippines Corporation.

To know more about Epson’s efficient, compact, precise and sustainable technologies for the new normal, visit and the flagship store in Lazada.