It’s a Cosplay Comeback in ESGS 2020

Making cosplay competition possible that is socially responsible and safe.

There’s no stopping the cosplay scene this year with PLDT’s Cosplay Competition together with Anime Alliance Philippines at ESGS 2020. With the “new normal”, a new format is implemented to ensure that everyone is socially responsible and safe for the this character rich pageantry where basically everything is done online. BUT that didn’t stop the community. With over 90 entries, this has been a record breaking event for ESGS for the number of participants in their costume contest. Hosted by Poschspice, the competition was judged by non other that the queen of cosplay herself, Alodia, together with special guest judges Lokiheart and Rubberman.


From 90 entries to eight finalists, a short live interview was conducted on the discord where the winners were announced.


Congratulations to Sergio Sta. Ana for winning the ESGS 2020 Online PLDT Cosplay Competition!


If you missed the live online stream on DAY 1 here is the recorded video link below:

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