Kamen Rider memory of heroez is available now on PS4 and Switch

Calling all Kamen Rider fans!

Announced last July, Bandai Namco has finally released Kamen Rider memory of heroez on PS4 and Switch. This new Kamen Rider title will let players experience a story an exciting crossover of three Kamen Rider series.

To celebrate the game’s launch, Bandai Namco released a new trailer for the game, which you can watch here:

Bandai Namco describes the new Kamen Rider console title as:

This latest KAMEN RIDER home console game is a “Hero Chain Action” game. Connect the chain and step through the enemy’s path as you change forms, utilize gadgets such as the Denden Sensor, and witness the crossover story of KAMEN RIDER DOUBLE, OOO, and ZERO-ONE. Enjoy a new, evolved, and intensifying KAMEN RIDER experience.

The new Kamen Rider game is available in the Premium Sound Edition, and it includes the following:

  • Lets players customize their own in-game BGMs with a total of 60 songs, including opening songs, BGMs, and insert songs
  • Limited Digital Art Collection

Meanwhile, players who buy the game early will get the following Early Purchase Bonuses:

  • 3 types of special motions for Kamen Rider W, OOO, and Zero-One
  • Equipment item that increase experience and stamina (RP): Memory of Heroez [Attack UP (Medium)/ Defense UP (Medium)]

For more info about the game, visit the Kamen Rider memory of heroez website here: https://rider-moh.bn-ent.net/about/.