Philips Monitors enters the gaming market with brand new displays

The new Philips gaming displays include the 242E1GSJ and 272E1GSJ.

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While Philips has long been known for its multimedia displays and consumer monitors, Philips Monitors is finally entering the gaming market with two brand-new gaming displays–the Philips Gaming 242E1GSJ and Philips Gaming 272E1GSJ. Available in 24” and 27” screen sizes respectively, these new monitors are made for either PC or consoles, and include lots of features that promise to satisfy gamers.

Both of the new Philips gaming monitors pack VA panels with wide-viewing angles, making them great for gaming as well as binge-watching movies/shows. Though two feature that the monitors have that are perfect for gaming is a fast 144Hz refresh rate and a 1ms response time. Thanks to this fast refresh rate and quick response time, fans of esports titles will be able to enjoy their favorite titles at over 100 FPS (if they have a powerful enough rig that is).

Other features of the new Philips gaming monitors include SmartImage game mode (with different display modes for specific games), Ultra Wide-Color, Philips Flicker-free technology, and LowBlue Mode.

Aside from the new gaming monitors, the Philips Momentum line will also now be under the Philips Monitors banner. As part of this new designation, Philips Gaming will be releasing two new Momentum Monitors: the Philips Momentum 242M8 and 272M8.

Here are the prices of the new Philips gaming monitors in the Philippines:

  • 242M8 – PHP 10,265.00
  • 272M8 – PHP 16,140.00
  • 242E1GSJ – PHP 9,540.00
  • 272E1GSJ – PHP 15,400.00

The new Philips gaming monitors are available via the official Philips Monitors Lazada store at: The monitors are also available via the following retialers:

Metro Manila

  • Dynaquest PC
  • CKY Planet PC Inc.
  • PC Quarter
  • PC Corner Gilmore
  • Machine and Computer
  • Vivocom
  • Digiserve
  • PCWorx
  • Zenith
  • PC Express
  • Softbox
  • EasyPC
  • QLT

Provincial Luzon

  • Hypertech
  • Benerson
  • Xymbolic
  • Albay Computer


  • TTI
  • Nutech


  • Computerworld
  • PC Gate
  • Biologic