Premium Bandai releases Gundam-inspired face masks

Perfect to show off your love of Gundam when going outside.

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Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, wearing a face mask is a requirement for everyone who wants to go out. After all, wearing masks is proven to dramatically decrease COVID transmission rates (if everyone wears one that is). While surgical masks offer better protection, cloth masks also work well for most people.

Sure, wearing a face mask for hours may not be comfortable, it does help a lot in today’s times. Plus, a face mask can add a dash of style to your outfit. Just look at these new Gundam-inspired character masks from Premium Bandai!

These new face masks feature designs inspired by the Zeon forces, making them must-haves for Gundam fans who want to show off their fandom while keeping themselves and others safe.

The first of the two face masks is based on Char Aznable, and it is a reversible mask. One side features a design based on Char’s Zaku, while the other side has Char Aznable’s name and insignia.

The second mask features a design based on Zeon’s Gihren Zabi and Garma Zabi. This mask is also reversible and features a black and a green color on each side, though both sides feature the Zabi family insignia.

The Premium Bandai Gundam Chara-Masks are available for JPY 1,650 (around USD 16 or PHP 767). The face masks are available via the Premium Bandai web store.

Source: Premium Bandai via SoraNews24